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Precision Engineered Valves


Our Valves Cover Diverse Applications

From steam to jet fuel, and everything in between, JDV valves are used to solve users’ toughest isolation problems in diverse industries across the world.


JDV Embodies Best Practices In Valve Design

By incorporating the latest in 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), we are able to ensure that our valve designs are optimized for the characteristics our users want – integrity, reliability, superior isolation and ease of operation.


For JDV, research and development includes product validation, which means we test things – a lot.

We don’t just design the valve on paper and call it a day – we verify the performance of our products through testing and research to assure that our valves will deliver performance in the operating conditions that our users deal with every day.


JDV’s in-house manufacturing capabilities keep it ahead of the pack.

As a leader in severe service valves, JDV recognizes that the core technology in our products is the coatings. Accordingly, we have built our own in-house coating facility with the ability to execute a wide variety of special coatings that can handle the most corrosive, erosive and high-temperature applications.

JDV has been a leader in valve manufacturing in Taiwan for over 40 years, and continues to grow with a commitment to innovation, quality and service.

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