V-Port Segment Control Ball Valves

The JSB Series V-Port Segment Control Ball Valve are the most cutting-edge engineered products in the JDV portfolio, and JDV has commercialized this product with Computer-Aided Drafting & Design, Finite Element Analysis, all verified and validated by rigorous prototyping and extensive design testing in its Research & Development Center. The result is a robust, thoughtful, feature-rich design that we are confident will exceed the expectations of even the most challenging flow control applications.


JSB Series V-Port Segment Control Ball Valves

Size Range

NPS 1 through NPS 20

Body Materials

A216 WCB, A352 LCC, A351 CF8M, A351 CF8, A351 CG8M

Other materials available on request

Trim Materials

316SS, 304SS, 317SS, Duplex SS

Other materials available on request

Trim Materials

Soft: 50% SS-filled PTFE, 15% Glass-filled PTFE, TFM, PEEK

Metal: Hard Chrome Segment w/ Stellite Seat, Tungsten Carbide Segment & Seat, Chrome Carbide Segment & Seat

Maximum Temp

Soft Seat: +356°F (180°C)

S01 Type Seat: +661°F (350°C)

S02 Type Seat: +446°F (230°C)

Design Standard

Valve Design: ASME B16.34, ISA S75.04 (Face-to-Face)

Valve Test: API 598

Seat Leakage:

  • Soft-Seated: ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class VI
  • Metal-Seated: ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class IV

Actuator Mounting: ISO 5211

Pressure Class Range

ASME 150 – 300

Sealing Directionality


End Connections

Raised Face (ASME B16.5), Wafer

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  • High Temperature Bonnet available for applications up to 1,202°F (650°C).
  • 3 Plate Attenuator, for high-pressure applications, cuts noise and cavitation to ensure efficient maintenance.
  • S01 Type Metal Seat is designed without elastomers for suitability to services up to 1,202°F.
  • S02 Type Metal Seat is designed with an o-ring to reduce torque and enhance control performance.
  • Double packing design with lantern ring and injection fitting.

Features & Benefits

Integral ISO 5211 Mounting Pad

  • For Ease of Actuation

V-Segment Ball

  • Gives a combination of precise control and high Cv
  • V-Notch in Segment – Provides a shearing function for superior performance in slurries and viscous media, powder and particulate media, and fibrous media

Swappable Seats & Easy-To-Remove Cap

  • For ease of maintenance

Articulating Gland Flange

  • The spherical gland flange and packing follower allows for equal distribution of packing and is live loaded eliminating the need for routine packing adjustments.

Low-E Stem Packing

  • Stem Packing is designed and tested for long-term reliable low fugitive emissions performance

1-PC Body Design

  • Eliminates body flange leak path


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